Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuesday, July 28-Evening of Day Three-Big night out on the town

Diana had sent our leftover tamales to Andre Claude, proprietor of the San Cayetano motel that we were staying at, in a basket.  We delivered them to him as he was arranging for a taxi to take us into town to the new "La Placito" where we could buy pottery and watch the Olympics at the "Video Taco Bar'.
After our, now, routine evening session of going over recipes together and griping about Diana's way of teaching-she gets on everyone's case for making mistakes or not asking her before finishing a recipe (she is the foremost authority of this cuisine, lest we forget, and therefore entitled to making sure we get it right),we decided to go into town.  Actually we had no choice since Andre worked hard finding a trustworthy taxi driver to take us in and pick us up.  While waiting Andre offered us beers (which we paid for) and Barbara, a local woman showed up to chat and have a "tea punch" on Andre. He says she is "the hair in my soup". Lucky for us the taxi showed up before any retaliation by Barbara was made.  Off we went to the new "La Placito".  The taxi left us off agreeing to pick us up at 9:30.  We stepped inside the plaza and everything was CLOSED!! We decided to wander down to the Revolucion Avenida where we found another "video bar".  It was nice and quiet except for MTV and the Coronas were ice cold.  Mary was hungry so Tom ordered tostadas.  They arrived and we ate them, laughing our guts out as we tried to figure out what the topping was. It was gelatinous and I guessed pickled pigs feet or ear.  Anyway they were good.
We arrived back at the plaza at exactly taxi.  It was raining and a few other people were standing around. These were pre-cell phone days.  Finally one Senore spoke some English and said our driver had been there, realized the plaza was closed and left!  This wasn't a big deal except we hadn't paid for the ride.  We found another taxi on Revolucion to take us back.  Andre was waiting with a lecture about "his" man coming all the way back to see if we were there and him sending him back into town for us. In the end it cost us $15mp taxi home and $40mp for the four trips the first driver made.  Andre is a "lecturer".  Mary, Tom and I were only hoping to make it through the night without any bathroom problems from the "pickled appendage tostadas" so we paid whatever Andre wanted. That was our "big" night out in Zitacuaro!
Unfortunately I did not take any pictures...they would have been the best!

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  1. I so enjoy your "stories"! I actually feel like I was there, too. And, if we all thought about it, we probably all know someone who is "the hair in our soup"!!! Thanks, Pat!